I have been giving a presentation which has gone through several versions and will likely go through many more. The first time it was presented was at the College of Sports Physicians National Conference at Coffs Harbour on 16 February 2015 and it was titled:

“Pain, paradigms and the problem with placebo”

It is more recently titled:

“Would you like pain with that?”

Since my first academic publication on the topic there is another presentation called:

“Helpful and unhelpful models of care in musculoskeletal pain management”

And following on from my involvement with the www.painrevolution.org there is another talk on:

“The Pain Revolution – A Sports Physician’s view from the trenches”


“The Pain Revolution – What is it? Why is it needed? How does it work for you?”

I have been pleased with how well these talks have been received and the messages seem to resonate widely. Most people  now recognise that the injury management model of care that focusses on structural changes in an unbalanced way has a significantly unhelpful role in persistent pain. My talks describe how that may be happening unintentionally and what can be done about it.

If interested in organising for me to give a presentation, please contact me.

And others …

On 21/11/16 I was invited onto radio (SEN 1116 in Melbourne) for the first time by Craig Harper. An edited version of this can be heard here —> 

This was followed up with other radio sessions and podcasts with Craig on his – ‘The You Project’.