I am tightly aligned with Prof Lorimer Moseley’s ‘Pain Revolution‘.

Some detail of the origins of this program and the associated bike rides is also on THE RIDE page on this website. There is also a blog on the 2018 event.

Most importantly, it is an outreach program with a high focus on rural communities via the mentoring of local pain educators.

Please explore the excellent resources on this site – www.painrevolution.org

The Pain Revolution mantra is:

The educational component of the Pain Revolution in support of this mantra is presented in two categories:

  • The seven great science facts on pain:
  1. Pain is always real, no matter what is causing it.
  2. There are many potential contributions to anyone’s pain.
  3. Pain is all about protecting your tissues.
    • Pain and tissue state are poorly related.
  4. We are “bioplastic”
  5. Understanding pain is the golden key.
    • Re-think!
  6. Active is better than passive.
    • Re-engage!
  7. Understanding pain then retraining your pain system works.
    • Recover!


  • The eleven target concepts to change pain:
  1. Pain is normal, personal and always real.
  2. Learning about pain can help the individual and society.
  3. Pain and tissue damage rarely relate.
  4. There are danger sensors, not pain sensors.
  5. Pain is completely dependent on context.
  6. Pain depends on the perceived balance of safety and danger.
  7. Pain is one of many protective outputs that can become overprotective.
  8. We are bioplastic and adaptable.
  9. There are multiple ACTIVE treatment strategies.
  10. ALL current pain treatments are up for questioning.
  11. Persistent pain is best treated in your own community.