• offering pain ‘literacy’ resources to manage pain more knowledgeably and safely.
  • the better that pain is understood, the better the chance of improvement and ‘normalising’ again.
  • this probably sounds strange, but when you look into it further you will hopefully understand how it  works!

About me

My name is Kal Fried (pronounced Freed). I am an experienced sports and exercise medicine physician with a keen (possibly obsessive) interest in pain neurobiology and the practical clinical applications of pain science.

My aims in setting up this site

I am often asked for resources to support information given in my presentations, medical reports and also in general patient management. So here they are all in one spot …

I will endeavour to keep the information updated as much as possible so don’t just visit once. This site is a work in progress.


I have been concerned for a long time at the lack of consistency in outcomes in treatment of musculoskeletal / orthopaedic pain and pain related disability.

Curiously, chronic (now called ‘persistent‘) pain has increased across age groups despite substantial advances in technology, options in treatment and management expertise over recent decades. It is a problem of epidemic proportions in Western Society, despite these advances, with tragic individual outcomes and waste of precious healthcare resources.


The one common denominator discovered is how little people are informed about pain beyond just thinking that injured or worn out structures in their bodies are the direct cause of their pain.

There is compelling evidence that having an optimal understanding of pain, & empowering people that way via the fascinating science available, can actually help improve outcomes. I am confident that the sooner this is done, the better the potential outcome. This is relevant to patients as well as many healthcare practitioners who advise patients in pain.

My aim is to improve this fundamental aspect which I describe as –


Managing a painful condition, and especially musculoskeletal / orthopaedic pain, without comprehensive science-based pain literacy is like building a house without a solid foundation …

Shortish Bio etc.

I attained Fellowship of the Australian College of Sports Physicians in 1995 and have gained extensive experience in this field both before and after that milestone. I worked for five years in the Victorian snowfields, before joining the Melbourne Football Club (AFL) in the mid 1990’s. I was a medical officer there for a total of 15 years with Dr Andrew Daff, as well as another 2 years with the Collingwood Football Club in the VFL. I was appointed as the AFL Australian International Rules team doctor in 2011 and 2013. I have also supported other elite sporting teams including the Australian Diamonds netball team in 2012. I have been with the TAC and WorkSafe as a medical advisor on the Clinical Panel and on various projects over many years, and I am also an Independent Medicolegal Examiner. In addition to general sports medicine I have developed a particular interest in the neurobiology of pain, the potential to ‘de-sensitise’ persistent pain, the biopsychosocial model of care, and exercise & conditioning prescription.

Unless communicated clearly, the concepts presented here are entirely the author’s own and do not represent the thoughts or ideas of any other person or organisation. The material presented is purely for information¬†purpose and is intended to help patients better understand their health issues and to make informed decisions about their health care. Should you require management of a specific condition, you are advised to¬†seek appropriate assistance from a suitable, qualified practitioner.
With respect to a declaration of financial interest or conflict, I have neither sought nor received personal financial gain from any resource provided on this website. I can also state that while I may stand to benefit from patient referrals I would be far better off financially if I didn’t pursue this method of patient management (NB: Blog 6).